The anticipation is palpable. It seems like we’ve been stuck here forever. The chains of the curse of Isla Mujeres are 3/8″ galvanized BBB, strong, unrusted, and unyielding. But the time has finally come to break out the bolt cutters and get the hell out of here before we grow roots.

The final thread holding us to the island has finally been snipped. We were waiting for a package delivery from DHL and despite Mexican custom’s best efforts to thwart us, it has finally arrived. We’ll have a long and bitchy post one day about that experience. The short of it is, don’t import stuff to Mexico if you can help it.

Anyway. The fuel tanks are full and the boat is stocked up. Dani and I made run to the grocery store the other day. Priorities.
Provisioning on Isla

We’ll make one more trip tomorrow when we check out with the port captain and then load the dink aboard and make ready for sea. Ah the sea… It seems such a distant memory. We haven’t sailed for three months. But on Wed we intend to change that.

The forecasts for the next week or so seem alright. The wind is a little light for my tastes but it does take on a northern set which is good for us.
Wind heading to Providencia

The plan is to head out and make our way south. If we can make enough Easting to clear the edge of Honduras, we’ll just head straight on down to Providencia and thus get out of the hurricane box and also hopefully find a quiet place to settle in for a bit.

If we can’t make that Easting we’ll dive into Roatan and either wait for a weather window to clear Honduras (dubious at best) or eventually head back to the Rio Dulce and wait for the seasons to change so we can make it.

The third option is to head right into the Rio. That will be a fall back in case we just can’t make any Easting at all out there, which does happen sometimes when wind, current, and waves all conspire to upset your plans.
Possible Routes

We are well and truly slaves to the weather now. But should we be vigilant and should Neptune be kind, Providencia awaits!
Providencia crab key

*You can follow our sail via our Delorme by clicking here -> Where’s Sundowner <- or at the top left of website.