After our marathon session last weekend/week of getting the motor bolted down, Dani and I were both exhausted.  We also had a lot of other stuff to get done on a personal front so that left us with little if any time to go back to Sundowner and admire the shiny new engine.

Even if we could have, we’re sort of in a holding pattern because we lack the odds and ends and parts we need to complete the install.  We knew that when Bud was here we would have almost everything that would be needed but hooking up the rest of the systems would end up requiring many trips to different stores.

Armed with this knowledge, we relaxed.  Yesterday we spent most of the day looking, planning, speculating.  At the boat Dani crammed some butyl into a gap in the gap rail that had lost its caulking to see if that was the cause of a leak we had identified.   So far so good, no more water in the bilge. 

Yes it looks like spilled goop now, but we’ll clean it up and recaulk.  It comes up easy.  Oh and see that boat in the background.  Brand new half a million dollar 50fter.

We also began thinking about the new mounting for the engine control panel.  How will it fit into the space where the old control panel was?   

The muffler is particularly perplexing.  It is apparently a 1-7/8″ x 1-7/8″ muffler but the exhaust exiting the engine is 2″ OD and the pre existing exhaust line on the boat is 3″ ID. 

Here is what the old exhaust system looks like. 

A piece I removed to test with. 

We did spend some time staring at the new engine though. 

So as I said, yesterday we shopped.  I ordered about 200 bucks worth of stuff from that included what I hope will be all the parts we need to complete out the exhaust system with the except of a bracket for the new muffler.

We also found everything we need online to order to refurbish our water strainer which we will be reusing.  The interesting thing about the water strainer for the engine is this.  The seacock barb is 1-1/4″ which goes to the strainer which has the same size barbs.  After that though we have to take it to the engine, which requires 3/4″ hose.  How do we step down that much?  Ideally we’d love to do it with one piece.  I found a 1-1/4″ barb x 3/4″ barb poly hose reducer online but it was from a company in Australia.  Doh!  So I guess I’ll have to fashion some Frankenstein reducer.  I found the parts needed and Dani will order them tomorrow along with the parts to refurb the old water strainer.

Without much we were >willing< to do at the boat this weekend without the proper parts we decided to go ahead and prepare the area where the new engine panel will be.  This started with the destruction of the old engine panel’s spot.

It is just a piece of 1″ thick marine ply with a panel put ontop of that and surrounded by teak trim.  We decided to leave the trim.  I ripped off the old board and found it was rotted.  No surprise.  It fell apart.

Underneath was some sort of silicone sealant that formed the watertight gasket for the panel.  This stuff is a pain to get off.  I forsee a lot of sanding on this part of the boat before we put a new board in place.

Tomorrow I’ll use the old board to cut a new board and then start the work of mounting the new panel in it.  Hopefully before next weekend I’ll have the new panel installed a lot of parts to get on with the engine room refit proper.

Sundowner’s bottom job is moving along very slowly.  Thats fine with us.  It buys us more “rent free” time on the hard which we need right now.  Also I still need to service the seacocks while I can.

Slow and steady wins the race right?