So.  We did install the motor.  We did install the motor bed plates.  We did install everything related to that.  However, I had this sneaking suspicion that using that starboard that was glued up was a mistake.  Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.  But I did know that it would irk me forever.

I went to the local metal shop and bought a bunch of plate aluminum and then delivered it all to a machine shop and had these guys made up to replace the engine mount plates we had previously installed.

I pulled each of the four motor mounts outs, one at a time.  To do this I put the chain hoist back on and put some tension on the wire before unbolting the existing mounts and then slipping the starboard out.

I’d slip the new plates into place, tap them until everything lined up and then reinstall the two bolts.

New VS Old.

While I slaved away replacing these mounts, Dani was taking photos of the metal plates in a smiley face formation.  That brackets were fabricated for us at the machine shop.

I think that the bracket holes might be too close to the corner.  Might only be able to use one of the inner holes if we thru-bolt.


I finished out the last motor mount and was exhausted.  It was dark and hot.  Time to get out of there.  But first, I wanted to test fit the raw water strainer.  This is where it will live.

My proposed mounting system.