So close.  We’re so very close.  Today we went to visit Sundowner and I bolted the negative electrical cable between the battery and the engine block thus completing the circuit for the engine to start.

So in theory, and note this is only theoretical…. We could start the engine now.   In fact, we’ve done everything we set out to do before the boat goes back in the water.  We still have a lot to do, but it isn’t going to be done until we’re in the water again.  Everything else is the boatyard’s job.

Sitting in the cockpit with nothing to do, Dani asked how long I thought we’d been working on this refit.  Well we’re almost at 5 months of time on the hard.  I estimate that we put about 10 man hours each into the boat per week.  So that’s 20 hours a week for 5 months.  I’m going to ballpark 400 man hours.

We’re just a little happy to be in the home stretch.  Kick back.  Have a beer.  Watch Dani kick on that 1000 watt smile. 

Two things ring my ears on the heels of finishing up this last task.  Roger Firey’s words… “You’ll need about six months to get her back into seagoing condition.”  Well Roger, we tried.  We probably didn’t get as much done as we should have in six months but a repower is a step in the right direction.  And my Dad said at the start, “Pulling it apart is the easy stuff, putting it back together is when you can really screw stuff up.”  Don’t worry Dad, I measured twice and cut once…. Well except for the engine control panel board.  But lets not talk about that…