Tate and I both have full time jobs that take up the better part of the day, but we are trying to get as much done whenever we can squeeze in time as possible.  It’s cooler in the evening’s anyways!  Especially for us since the Weather Gods are apparently on our side..We had great weather again today!

Hard to believe we are getting so lucky with the weather! Hopefully the Gods will think of us when we are trying to install the new engine in Mid July!

We only had a couple of hours to work, so we set a couple of goals.

  1. Vacuum old rotted wood
  2. Degrease and wipe down port side shelving
  3. Spray Anti-Freeze onto the wood to hopefully dry it out.
 After discovering the extent of the rot yesterday we are now faced with either replacing the two shelves completely, or trying to dry out the wood enough to epoxy over it in preparation for the yard to clean and then paint the Pitthane I am SOOOO excited about.  I can’t wait to see everything so nice and white.
Tate did some research and discovered that saturating the wood in Antifreeze would be our best bet.  So off he went, Vacuuming, Scraping, Degreasing, Scrubbing etc:

Finally after all his hard work you can see the difference between the semi cleaned Port side and the uncleaned Starboard Side.

Hopefully leaving this fan in there will help the Antifreeze do its magic.

Now unfortunately after the engine and the fuel tanks were removed we noticed the Engine room door lip was cracked:(!!

We assume this was caused by the yard during the engine and fuel tank removal.  We’ll have to talk with them and see if they are amenable to fixing it.  This could cause real problems if it were to get worse or not take to a repair and the cockpit were to take in some water.  A leak could develop right here into the engine room.  We are definitely fixing it.

The engine room hatch is a double edge sword.  While it is so nice and easy to get to the engine room..It is super heavy and awkward to fit into place.  I am soooo looking forward to cutting that puppy in half and only dealing with one side at a time.

After a hard days work we made it home to our doggies..How cute they are…