So we got the the boat and it was time to get this party started.  The trouble maker from yesterday would be dealt with and trouble us no more!  The first step I took was to dry fit the new tank fill in the deck.  Epoxy looked good and so did the fit.

I went ahead and did a test fit of the hose between the tank and the deck fill too.  This was pretty hard for someone my size.

Nope, can’t quite reach.

Into the lazarette… Hmm, almost.

After fitting everything up I went ahead and drilled pilot holes.  (Correctly sized by the way.)

To bed the fill fitting I used butyl tape which we bought a long time ago at an RV store for Danielle’s Mom’s boat.  This stuff has no real adhesive properties but it never hardens and it stretches like crazy.  The one roll we bought has so far been used to rebed probably at least 20 things.  We still have half of it left.

Here is the bottom of the new fitting with a layer of the sealant tape around the bottom side of the rim.

When you screw it down it squishes the excess out.  This is good.  You just scrape off the extra.

I moved on to working on getting the cockpit drain apart for the port tank while Dani…

Took photos of the fill hose.   Notice that it is at an angle.  We later figured out why.

Here is the fitting cleaned up some.

Now on to the other tank.  Down into the cave with it!

Nope.  Of course we’ll have to take the cock pit drain apart further.  Of course.

As you can see this cockpit drain was a bit of a problem.  It had a piece of plywood between the fitting and the nut that had turned almost to dust.  The fitting itself was bedding in some sort of caulk that DID NOT WANT TO COME OFF.

Try again.

This is hard work.  I look tired right here.

But at least it is in!

Break time.

This tank side had a lot more room.  We were able to screw the new shelf  down from the top.

We also found that the port tank would sit differently than the starboard if we angle it just right.  I tried this on the starboard tank.  Instead of trying to get the bottom flush intially I just shoved the tank against the wall of the boat then let it drop down.  It worked.  We did this with the other tank and it worked better too.

Measuring some stuff to block the tank in.

While I got to work rebedding those pesky cock pit drains I sent Dani into the lazarette (which believe it or not, she fits into! ) to hook up the tank vent system.  She took photos.

Notice here the fill hose is much more straight.   Note that the vent line is below the vent fittings on the tank.  Before we’re “DONE” we’ll have this T fitting secured above the vent fittings on the tanks.

Port side: 

Meanwhile I’m working on getting those drains bedded.

Old caulk was a bear.

What to bed it down with other than our trusty everlasting role of butyl tape?

If you look closely you’ll see that I put the tape around the underside but also made a long earthworm like roll of it and put it around the base here too.

Squish!  It goes back into place.

And thats it for today.  It was hot as hell.

Maybe we can get some more done tomorrow.  Good news is I think we’ve got all the critical stuff done we had to do before Bud gets here.