This morning Dani woke me up at 6am.   Ugh!  She is so sweet though because she had coffee waiting for me.  The morning time fun of painting was to continue today.  Once again we have to get to the boat very early to beat the heat.  The epoxy paint we’re using will get sticky and not work if you try to apply it in warmer temps.  So off we went.

Right to work, Dani started prepping the engine room while I started the bilge.  I finished putting a bottom coat on the bilge before handing off the paint to Dani.  She went at it in the engine room.

For once I got to take photos.  Here is a great shot of her butt!  Yes, I know.  Photography runs in my family.  We just have an eye for it.

This is the bilge now.  A far far cry from the unholy mess we started with.


Look at how awesome the engine room looks.

The bilge a couple of weeks ago:

The bilge at the end of the day.

All the painting in the confined spaces and having to clean up with acetone was… Fume-y.  I opened the front hatch, the companionway, had the AC blowing into the engine room, and the box fan all working to ventilate the boat, but man… It was rough.  I had to forcibly remove Dani from the engine room at one point to get a break and some fresh air.

Neither of us got dizzy or had upset stomachs but the overwhelming smell made me want to get her out of there.

While she finished up the engine room painting I decided to take all the old jugs and bottles of oil/antifreeze/fuel stabilizer off the boat.  I’m glad I did because I found a second leaky bottle.  This time it was antifreeze.  Better than oil, and hadn’t leaked much.  Now its clean.

Came home and showered.  Despite cleaning my fingernails are like permanently stained white.  Dani is asleep.  Later we’re going to Robert Barrett’s 85th birthday party.  Then tomorrow more fun and another birthday party.  Dad might come by and see the boat.

Life is good.  Progress is being made.  The boat smells like paint instead of bilge now.  And I’m high an paint fumes.