I’m off work today for the 4th Holiday weekend and had made plans to go to the boat to “BilgeKote” the Engine Room and Bilge.  I set my alarm for 5am..and managed to get up at 6am.  I made it to the boat around 6:30 and got to work preparing the Bilge and Engine Room.  I forgot the Acetone at home DOH!  ah well, I just used some degreaser, then some water, then a scrub pad, and a vacuum to suck up any loose particles floating around.

Now we didn’t follow the Manufacturers directions to the T.  We didn’t sand anything with sand paper, but that old paint and bare wood has been scrubbed and cleaned so many times it seemed rough enough for the Bilgekote to stick.  (Crossing fingers).  We did however follow the directions about the temp needing to be 85 degrees or below, which is why I got up so early.  The A/C in the boat helped a ton as well!

I finally got started around 7am.  I decided to start the engine room first as it was the area we needed painted the most right now.  We can always come back and paint the bilge later.  I’ve never painted with Bilge paint before, but i’ve painted tons of rooms in houses that I have lived in.  I wore blue latex gloves and shook the paint like crazy.  I used puppy pads as a protective cover under the paint can and poured a little bit of paint into the red hand bucket!  The hand bucket is like the best investment ever.

I got into the engine room and started painting aft to forward.  The plan originally was to just paint areas that were without paint.  I tried this and it looked so awful and patchy that I had to paint most everything.  I skipped behind the fuel tanks for now since they’ll be covered up.

At one point I rested the hand bucket on one of the shelves and accidentally knocked it over.  paint went all over the side of the engine room.  I worked quickly to spread it as thin as I could.  This stuff didn’t go on like water as I have read before, or maybe my definition of water is different.  The walls of our Engine Room were THIRSTY for this stuff:

Painting this room took alot longer than I had anticipated, It was 9am by the time I was finished and had started to rain.  It’s a good thing I didnt start the bilge painting with the risk of water getting in it.  Bilgekote is some TACKY stuff.  it gets on everything it touches.  I put a fan in the door way to try to help the paint dry.

The first coat went on so well, I think 1 more coat will be Plenty.  I really can’t imagine putting 3 coats on.  When we do the second coat we may try to sand or use a scrub pad on the new paint since it is WAY slicker than the original surface.  Sometime later we’ll paint the bilge.  Maybe when we do the second coat of the engine room.

We are setting the Bilge covers out in the sun so they will dry..

Whey they are dry we’ll paint the bottom of them as well.  After that we’ll put them back on the boat!  have a floor once again.

We had Seabrook paint our new aluminum fuel tanks with a 2 part epoxy paint to help prevent corrosion.  We brought them home so Tate can install the sight gauges and other fittings.  We plan on installing the fuel tanks this Monday July 4th!

It’ll be a milestone for us since this will be the first big thing we are putting back together!! Wish us luck.