Today we went to install the new battery shelf Tate had cut and epoxied out of Marine Ply into the engine room to replace the one that was there before. Later we’ll figure out how to secure the batteries from moving around while underway.  The shelf went in without a hitch:

We also brought the new fuel shelves and put them on top of the old shelves to see if they fit correctly.  They did!

Tate decided not to bolt the Fuel tank shelves into place until we have the new fuel tanks inserted into the proper area instead of installing the shelves first and risking not having enough room to install the new tanks.  Smart move Tater!

Blood Diamond came to visit us at some point and told us he tested our old fuel tank and it turns out it has about 20 little leaks.  That’s REAL good to know.  We made the right decision.  That is how all that diesel got into the bilge.  Since we’ve owned Sundowner we have only filled up the bag since it was the one connected.  They must have realized the tank leaked and switched it over to the bag.  Thank goodness we got new tanks.

Meanwhile the boat is smelling better and better each time we go to it!  It’s totally amazing how much difference having all of that sludge out of the bilge makes.  We brought the Bilge covers home and are putting them out in the Louisiana heat everyday to try and dry them out.

We’ve been having afternoon showers everyday and unfortunately when we went back to the boat we noticed that some water had leaked into the bilge area:

Tate vacuumed the water and any “Oil Dry” stuff we had put down.  We suspected a large leak could be coming from the Sampson posts near the windlass.  We checked the Anchor locker where this water would drain and found that the lines were pretty wet so we def have a leak somewhere up there.  I used masking tape to secure a black garbage bag around the Sampson posts itself as best I could to see if we couldn’t alleviate the leak or at least pin point it more…So we then put down more Oil Dry to try and detect where the leak was coming from for the next time (it was forcasted to rain every day).

Two days later we went back to find unfortunately again that my garbage bag hadn’t stopped the leak:

Sigh!  oh well.  The boat smells sooo much better as it is and that’s what bilge pumps are for.  We’ll find the leaks soon enough, at least no wood out in the open has been leaked on.  I have more important things to worry about anyways…

I’m off work Friday and Monday for the 4th of July weekend.  Tate still has to work, so on Friday morning early like 6am when the temp is 85 degrees or below (“BilgeKote” recommendation), I’m going to head to the boat to paint any unpainted areas in the engine room and bilge.  I won’t paint over everything since the painted parts seem to be doing so well as is.  Wouldn’t want to create a mess just to have areas that we should hardly ever see be white!  Peeling paint would be worse than just intact 20 year old Malaysian paint.

I vacuumed all the Oil Dry out of the bilge and cleaned off the cabin sole in preps to paint on Friday:

We are making so much progress!  Da engine man Bud Taplin sent us all the part’s we’ll need for the fuel tank and engine installation.  The engine should be in New Orleans the 3rd week in July.  We’ll fly Bud out sometime around then also!

Throughout all this hard work we have to keep our goal in sight..the silent beauty of the world: