Today was an easy day for us! At lunch Tate went to pick up a Sheet of 3/4″ marine plywood from a local supplier ($140).  We headed to the boat after work prepared with an old amazon shipping box to make the patterns for the new shelves we are going make out of marine ply and bolt right on top of the existing shelves which are partially rotted out. Bud da Engine Man said that was our best bet, fine enough for us! Means we don’t have to cut out old shelves and fiberglass in new ones.   Tate cut some pieces of cardboard and made the pattern..

While Tate was up to all of this I cleaned up any Oil Dry that had clumped up with oil on the cabin sole and spread new stuff around.  I also laid a paper towel over the layer and put a battery box on top of it.  This will hopefully wick up all of the oil that has been soaked into the floor right there.

So far it is working:D  Tate has great ideas, sometimes I find myself thinking less since he does so much!  I am a Great dish washer though lol.

Tate also removed the old fuel vent line to bring home so we can make a new vent.

Our boat has become quite the workshop!

We are installing new fuel tanks soon so after we ran by the boat we went by Lowes and luckily found some prefabricated galvanized steel straps with 3/8″ holes that we need to secure the fuel tanks!  What a find, we were afraid we’d have to go to some specialty shop.  Lowes also has stainless steel nuts and bolts but they were pretty pricey. I found a place on the Westbank across the Huey P. Long Bridge in Westwego, La that sells commercial fishing/shrimping boats and charter supplies. It’s a family owned business and said they have a great selection of stainless steel bolts and screws. Also their prices over the phone were 50% less than at Lowes!  We will check them out at lunch this week or early Saturday and hopefully find our source for cheap(er) stainless hardware.

Tate did some research on fuel filters..I’ll let Tate write the post on the details of the fuel system but here is a foreshadowing of what is joining our family:

We are super excited about these guys.

The yard got back to us about our blistering issue and gave us a quote for the bottom job. $2,600 to sand down, epoxy where needed, fair and the paint.  Not a bad price.  The hull moisture reading was at 15%, we need for it to be less than 10%, so we’ll be on the hard longer than expected, BUT they aren’t charging us for rent space which means we can continue to work on the boat while it’s on the hard…Great deal for us! Happy the bottom job isn’t like $5,000.

Tomorrow is break day.  To the gym after work then to a pool/scrabble (my fav game) party.