Today is Father’s Day!  Lots of love goes out to my Dad who I love and respect highly..He has helped me grow into the person I am today.  I grew up on boats and on the water, thanks to him and his love for all things boats, I don’t find what we are tackling as undoable.

After Seabrook dropped our engine we decided we weren’t going to have them do very much else to our boat.  One of the things I was soooooo excited about (probably the most) was getting that engine room and bilge cleaned and painted.  Granted it was going to cost $1,200, the idea of the magic Pitthane paint that will supposedly outlive the human race was totally worth it.  However we have been experiencing alot of Project scope creep, and the yard hasn’t exactly shown us their best side.  We decided to forego the magic paint job and just clean and possible paint the areas ourselves.  Ah well, more money for Motor/Electrical stuff, and a new umbrella for me at home 😀

Tate has done soo much work lately while I stand around and take pictures and pass tools that finally it was my turn.  Have I mentioned that I Like to clean??  Maybe it’s more like I LOVE to clean, especially when its something that makes such a huge difference.  Yesterday I started cleaning out the bilge, and today I finished it.  I was the only one small enough to actually fit under the floor and reach up under there and scrub. This part of the bilge was the worst, the deepest darkest place.

“How does the Bilge smell Tate?”

Nough said.

Now this is no ordinary bilge slime..It took 6 years in Louisiana all closed up to achieve such a state of awfulness.  The pictures really don’t do it justice.  The Oil Dry stuff worked so well that Tate put some more in the deep bilge yesterday before we left.  Today he vacuumed it out.

Then it was my turn..I started by Degreasing all the sides and the underside of the Cabin sole. I took paper towels to it to get the first layer of grime off.  Then slowly I worked my way into the Bilge deeper.

Somewhere under all that slime were two Bilge pumps that Tate was able to remove finally.  You can see him vacuuming out around them.  I am guessing by his face that we are going to replace them.

I think worse than the walls being covered in slime, were the hoses and electrical lines that were coated with the stuff.  They were all in bundles and ziptied to metal brackets or the floor.  Even though we are ripping out all it out, they had to be cleaned as well because everything they touch with their slime, got on everything else.

Finally after paper toweling all the walls and the bottom, I was able to use a bucket with water and degreaser and scrub the sides, underside of the sole, and the bottom of the bilge.  That helped get the grime out from ridges in the fiberglass.  After that I went over one more times with degreaser, paper towels and rags until it was sufficiently clean.

Tate suggested we put some more oil dry at the very bottom of the bilge for good measure.

Now the Bilge is clean and the boat smells a million, bazillion times better!  That paint on the sides is actually in great condition!  Must be some kind of high quality cancer causing Malaysian paint used in the 90’s by the PO’s while they were repowering there.

We are in no rush to put the water tanks back in so we will leave the bilge empty for a while.  Later on when we are in the water we may get in there and just paint, not sand and paint because we don’t want to mess up the existing paint.  Just paint and hope it sticks!  Well have to wait till the weather isn’t 100 degrees outside also.

After all of this we headed to Ponchatoula to my Dad’s house and ate some homemade Deer meat spaghetti that Tate made for Father’s Day.  It was excellent.

Next stop Fuel Tank Shelf/Battery Shelf Fabrication-Tate’s Irish Workshop.