So the yard debacle went down like this.  I stormed into their office with the raging red ass.  I found one of the owner’s sons.  You see the owner or partial owner is a guy that had three sons and all the sons are partners now.  Its really apparent now that its sort of a two many chiefs and not enough indians sort of situation.  This was became obvious when I was speaking to Son #2 instead of Son #1 (Jeff).

None of them know what the other is doing.  Luckily though Son #2 heard me out and all my worries.  In the end I admitted that the constantly changing scope of work was confusing and that them taking the tanks out of the boat was probably my fault.  The guy admitted to me without me telling him I knew they dropped the motor, that they had in fact done that.

We discussed it and came to an agreement on the damages.  He offered 500 bucks, I told him to not bill us for pulling the tanks and call it even.  We shook on it.  Not great for us but better than fighting about it.  Not great for the yard but they salvaged what little business we have to give them.  The guy seemed genuinely concerned at what had  happened.

Also interestingly enough the guy that had wanted to see the engine still wanted to.  He came and looked and prodded and poked and ended up buying the engine despite knowing what had happened.  I had to really crank my price down though.  The guy still got a steal.  The spares alone are probably worth more than he paid for it.  However, it is one less thing for us to worry about.  The situation was resolved.

And with that being over, we’re still not letting them paint the inside of the boat.  So now I have to clean it.  No fun but must be done.  Years of grime coming off.  Here is me getting started again on the port side which I “pre-cleaned” already.

A look at the still nasty starboard side at the beginning.

Rub a dub dub.

We are using a simple sprayer filled with degreaser to attack the filth.  You can see me wielding the wand of anti-grease here.

These photo shows what it looks like in the engine room up under the deck where the old fuel tank was.  Under the blackness is stark white paint.  I’m guessing there is literally 20 years of built of diesel grime and crude here. 

Here you can see what it looks like after I pass a rag over it. 



Still not quite clean enough, but making some real progress.  It is not easy removing years of grime.