Today was the day to build the new Fuel Tank and Battery Shelves.  Around 11am we headed over to the “Alario Brothers Marine Supplies, Inc” Store in Westwego, La.  I had been searching for a good place to get Stainless Steel Hardware (bolts, nuts and screws) and Fuel hoses and I found these guys.  It’s a family owned business that sells everything the fishing, shrimping and crabbing industry needs.  They had a great selection of just about everything..even my favorite shoes-CROCS!  I love them and wear them all the time.

Needless to say we’ll be back to explore this place another day.

Oops.. We got two different size bolts..ah well.

We headed back to the house to meet up with Tate’s best friend Alan who offered to come help with the shelf cutting.  Since we don’t have a big workshop area we had to go out in the front and use some tv trays to rest the 3/4″ Marine plywood for sawing.  First Tate traced the cardboard pattern for the fuel shelves onto the Ply, then traced the Old Battery Shelf. He used a Circular saw first, then a jigsaw for the details.

We were trying to beat the rain.  See the raindrops on the wood?

Now we tried to put an angle on the edge of these shelves..The saw didn’t cooperate too much though.  Ah well, its going to be in an engine room that you hardly ever see.

Luckily we JUST missed the rain and it gave us a break before we headed to the Patio for Epoxy time.  Now this is Alan’s First time playing with Epoxy and he did a great job as always!  We put down puppy pads across the table and used a shipping box to put the wood on.

Dani’s Sanding Magic!

After we finished Epoxying both sides we laid the pieces out to “kick” and tack up on some plastic garbage bags since epoxy doesn’t stick as much to plastic.  I flipped them over 20 mins later then in about 3 hours they were ready to come inside.

Tomorrow we’ll bolt the lips onto the Battery Shelf.