You guys are going to have to get used to me waxing poetic about all sorts of weird stuff or alternatively going on rants or raves. You see, now that we’ve moved on the boat and we’re wrapping up the final projects there has just been *no* motivation from team Sundowner to write more technical articles or refit posts and I’m guessing that everyone is tired of us shouting, YAY IT IS HAPPENING. Sad I know… In any event, I have been chastised in the past for not writing about “other” stuff that involves life and “connecting” with the audience. I mean hell, isn’t that what Dani is good for? I just kinda slip a post in here or there about odd ball boat refit ideas. But the time has finally come to start blogging about life instead of fixing a boat. Getting in the mood for it has been a challenge for me, but inspiration landed in my inbox yesterday.

–Begin stream of consciousness–
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Over the past few years, we’ve met a lot of really awesome people online. People that share in our triumphs and pat our backs in defeat. We feel like we practically know a lot of participants on our blog. This community spirit has done two things that I’d like to talk about. One, we have people write us occasionally asking us where our “donation” button is, or if they can support us, or how they can donate to the cause, etc. The second is that our website has a LOT of traffic on it. A lot more than I ever expected. And that attracts advertisers looking to advertise to a select market.

Yesterday we were offered a sizable sum of money to write a blog post and link back to another site. We’ve also been asked to write articles for other publications. We’ve been offered lots of money to review products. (We haven’t had a sponsorship offer yet, but we don’t ask). This is all totally unsolicited on our part. Its flattering to my vanity, but at the same time, No. Back on day one when I started this website I told Dani, “Zero commercial interest”. I refused on principles that I don’t like seeing ads, I don’t like seeing “beggar buttons”, and I really don’t like seeing people review products that they’re being paid to review. Therefore, I shall not do these things.

Now please please, those of you that do these things, don’t get too ruffled. I don’t begrudge people making money or taking donations or writing articles or anything of the sort. I just have a personal aversion. Personal, as in for me.

I recently read a thread over on the cruisers forum about blogs and the writers in the thread said things like, “There are two types of bloggers, those that write for money and fame and those that are just putzing about to keep up with family.” I’d like to be a third type. One who writes for the love of writing and sharing and fellowship with others that seek adventure. So my response to all of the commercial interests has been a polite decline. But to those of you that continue to blast us with your kindness and your dollars, I say this to you… Take whatever you may have asked to give or might have in the future and spend it on something awesome. Dani and I busted our humps to be financially prepared for our journey, and so we blog and share without expectation of reward, but more than that… We want other people to do the same! Go do something awesome.

I know this is a highly controversial topic that can make someone seem either beggarish, miserly, judgmental, arrogant etc. But please don’t take it that way. Its just my thoughts on why you’ll never see an advertisement, a paid review, a sponsorship sticker, or a donate button here on our blog.
–End stream of consciousness–

There. How did I do? I blogged about something non boat related. Let me hear your thoughts.