Tate has been kicking butt and taking names, and by that I mean bringing the heat, and by that I mean lighting our boat. 3 days this week after work we have spent hours on Sundowner installing our Radio, Stereo, and LED lights. Things are really coming along.

Tonight we were able to install the dinette table lighting on the port side of the salon. Previous the only lighting over the table was an under the rail 8 watt fluorescent light. It was pretty much at eye level when seated and cast an awful, fluorescent light. Tate removed this old light and installed one of our hexagonal “Vonu” Bebi LED lights directly above table on the ceiling.

Previous Dinette Table lighting

One of the difficulty with putting lights on the ceiling, is like where/how do you conceal the wire?  We weren’t interested in taking the headliner down, so instead we improvised!

The Bebi light came with small wires just long enough to make it across the ceiling and down the wall about 2 inches.  We screwed the new backing plate onto the ceiling, made two tiny holes in the headliner then taped the wire to  a coat hanger section and pulled the wire behind the headliner.

Dinette table lighting installation

Next Tate hung the light off the backing plate and connected the light to new wires via crimp and heat shrink.  We also used tape to secure them to the wall.  This wire was then connected to a bus bar that is located in the galley area, although I’ll let Tate explain the details of the wiring when he posts our wiring diagram.

Dinette table lighting installed

Tada!  Light is installed with the wires on the ceiling mostly concealed.   We are going to get a flag to cover most of this wood section, concealing the wire running down the wall:D.  The flag will also not reflect a glare with the light being right there.

I am truly pleased with how it came out.  These Bebi lights put off so much light with so little amp draw.  0.07amps per light…yeah that’s 0.07 not 0.7.   I’m truly impressed.

One of our faithful readers from California bought a Westsail in Mandeville an hour north of us, and is joining us for a visit tomorrow evening.  It felt really good to finally get this seating area cleaned up and suitable for guests.

Dinette table lighting complete

No longer a construction zone per say.  Tonight Tate also install a Vonu light in the head which was so bright we have decided one light in there is plenty.  I think we will add 3 more “fautasi”, or bar type lights in the salon under the rails and call it a day.

It’s awesome to finally be adding this “fun” stuff!  Sundowner is finally beginning to feel like a home..and I can tell you if the power ever goes out on land, I know right where we’ll head.

Ciao baby.

How in the heck do you conceal your electrical wires??