In a freak turn of events, the weather has turned on us lately.  You wouldn’t expect sub 40F temperatures in Louisiana even in the height of Winter, but there you have it.  And what is this magical number relevant to?  Its relevant because epoxy doesn’t set up below that temp range and the next step in our rigging project involves epoxy.  It hasn’t helped that rain has been in the mix preventing us from daring to do any sort of deck work.  But today… Finally a respite.

We went to the boat after a long time off of working on her to get down to the sticky business of plugging all the holes and filling up the rot from old leaking bolts.

The first step I had in mind was to sand down the old tops of the Sampson posts to below flush with the deck.  Now I could have totally removed the posts but felt it was better to just leave them in place because they’re backing the forward most bulkhead.  So I left them.  And I ground down the remaining stumps above the deck with a belt sander.

Bowsprit deck prep sanding the sampson posts

Meanwhile, my lemming… errr Dani was busy using tape to cover the bottom of the holes in the anchor locker so that when I poured the epoxy into them they wouldn’t just drip out of the bottom.  I’m not sure how she accomplishes this, and I just don’t ask.

bowsprit deck prep taping the back of epoxy holes

We purchased some fast hardener (which I thought we’d never use) to mix up.  Then I thickened this epoxy with high density filler until it was just thick enough that I could still suck it up into a syringe.    I injected it into the old holes and also used it like a thick paste to cover over the tops of the sampson posts.

bowsprit epoxy over sampson posts

Of course a lot of it leaked into the deck holes or perhaps just filled up against the duct tape below.  There were only two real “problem” holes so I mixed up even more epoxy and mixed in more filler until it was so thick that it came out of the cup like peanut butter.  This ultra thick epoxy was slowly drizzled into the problem holes until every one was completely full.

bowsprit full of epoxy

Now all we have to do is wait for all of it to cure and then we can sand them all flush with the deck and line up the new sprit for new holes and mounting.  God, that will really be the day!

After our little spurt of activity we enjoyed a really beautiful sunset.

Sunset after bowsprit prep

And a nice smoke.
Dani with Tate smoking a pipe.

What?  You didn’t think I meant cigarettes did ya?