Today was a special day.  A trifecta of amazing events conspired to make it a really wonderful way to spend a Saturday.

  1. Today is/was Dani’s birthday!
  2. Cinco de Mayo
  3. Super Full Moon

Now any one of these alone is pretty cool but coming together like that is just sweet.  So we did what any insane wanna be cruisers would do on such a day and went sailing.

It was the first time in 4 months that we’ve taken Sundowner out to sail.  Deep in the drudgery of the electrical refit there was just no time for fun, only time for labor.

Today that changed.  Alan and Michele came and joined us.
Alan and Michele birthday on Cinco de Mayo
And we FINALLY hoisted the main sail again.  We’d sort of been neglecting it because we were lazy and I wanted to experiment with the wind vane with just the jib at first.  However, today, conditions were just right to get that bad boy up.
birthday on Cinco de Mayo Sailing
Main and jib up we were making over 4kts in very light winds.  Who says a W32 can’t move in light air.   I guess we were cheating since the winds were out of the south which made for a VERY calm lake today.

After a really fine time sailing we reached the “middle of no where” and dropped the anchor.  Went for a swim.  The water was just the right temp.  I think everyone had fun swimming around the boat and hanging out around the anchor rode.
birthday on Cinco de Mayo in the water
Birthday girl after swimming!
Dani's birthday on Cinco de Mayo
After upping anchor we took off heading back in.  We ended up getting back in far less time than it took us to reach the middle of the lake because the winds picked up to around a steady 10-12kts.  It made for some really really awesome sailing.
Sailing on Cinco de Mayo

The sailing was so nice in fact that instead of sailing straight down to the south shore and motoring into the harbor we long tacked so we could sail almost up to the channel markers at the harbor.

Dani was amorous.

Dani kissing Tate
Dani and Michele
As luck would have it… On our way back in the Seaflowers were out and about.  They caught a bunch of really nice photos of Sundowner under sail.
Sundowner under full sail
Super cool to get a shot of your own boat under sail.   She is purrrty.  And wow, look at that poor sail trim.  😛   You can see Dani up on the foredeck.
So happy to report that the stereo worked, the lights worked, the head worked, the engine worked, and all hands were happy.  Only one thing broke.  The ice box handle pulled off.  But if that is all that breaks on an outing you’re doing great.

After Alan and Michele left, Dani and I sat in our cockpit watching the huge moon rise one side of us and a massive cloud passing by on the other.  The cloud was lit up with lightning.  It was beautiful.  And then we both fell asleep outside in the cockpit.  Exhausted.  Happy.

Luckily one of us woke up and we were able to make it home.

Should we go sailing again tomorrow?  Signs are pointing to yes.