Today we had another lazy morning of eggs, bacon and coffee.  Around 2pm we decided we’d head out to the boat and hopefully get to sail.  We grabbed the two 5 gallon diesel jugs, some ice and headed to the lakefront to check out the waves.

Ummm..yeah, those waves are big. A cold front came through this weekend and brought lots of wind with it. These waves look like the waves we battled when we were “defeated” back in April.. and we all know how that turned out. I was a bit more agreeable this time to just going to do some work on the boat. When we got there we realized one of the dock lines had gone way below the nail we rigged up. Tate tried to get it back, but with all this wind it was impossible..

We’ll have to get it tomorrow. Today we also checked out the windvane set up. Apparently these little pulley’s attach to the wind wave in the back and it all works together to self steer the boat! Tate said this will become my best friend. I would have to agree since i’m a horribly wobbly helm’s girl. We want to ask Roger and Molly Firey (The Previous Owners) if they had a name for the windvane. If not we’re thinking of naming it “Firey” the windwave.

Tate was such a good man today. He got into the head and finally removed all of those old stinking hoses that have been taking up WAY too much room, and..well to be frank, they STINK!!! These hoses are the main reason we want to get an Air Head (Composting toilet). There will be no hoses except for the vent and no holding tank. Its pretty unreal how many hoses came out of the head area today.

It honestly doesn’t make sense why you would have plumbing on a boat like you do on land. On a boat you have less fresh water and less space..yet the toilet requires both. Silly if you ask me. I was sold when Tate first mentioned the composting head. We’ll install it in the next 4 months sometime. For now though this nice little portable one my mom let us borrow will work just fine.

After Tate removed all the hoses, I gave the head a good scrub down. It’s much nicer in there now. One day we’ll have tons of space where all the parts used to be.

While we were out we saw someone having a whole lot of trouble getting into the inlet for the marina. He was rocking back and forth like crazy. He had major trouble getting his Main Sail down and we were concerned. It took him 10 mins of spinning around and trying to come in again and again, before finally he gunned the motor and made it. It was not a pretty sight and I was glad Captain Redbeard (Tate), stood by his decision to not go out today.

This pelican seemed to have no trouble with the wind though.

Well tomorrow should be very fun. The wind will be a bit lighter than today and our trusty friend Alan will be coming sailing with us. We will also have a special guest, Tate’s Dad, Mr. Logan, will be joining us for the first time. I hope the winds will be in our favor.