Burning Man 2009 – Part IV – Burning Man Alive

Okay gang.  I know I’m boring, so less talking more photos here.

So we wandered about looking at everything. The main things to see during the day are people, artwork, and art cars. Art cars are these vehicles that have been converted to be… well… arty. They’re actually known as Mutant Vehicles. And they all must be registered with the DMV(department of mutant vehicles). So we prepped to see all these MVs. Before heading out though, why not stop off at the bar and have a drink? Check.

And off we went. First into deep playa to get a daytime look at the man.

The man stands on a huge base. At night he lights up. The actual pedestal he is on is a double helix to represent DNA in the evolution theme. We were about 1500 feet away in this photo.

See the sail boat? Their wakes lit up all these crazy colors at night. I was feeling like a real explorer now!

We ended up getting picked up near the man to ride on our first MV. It was a giant tank that was pulling this carriage. The top of the carriage was made of some sort of hardened paper. The paper was all surveys from previous burning man events. We took some pictures of center camp from ontop of this thing.

While wondering about you could see this long string of balloons in the air. I’m not kidding, this strand of balloons was hundreds and hundreds of feet long. It was wild watching it swing around over the deep playa. People would pull them down and drag them different places and then let them go. Surreal. Hard to see here.

Dust storms were common, but we weathered them well.

And by well, I mean we were drunk.

So drunk that Dani ran off on me. She said she wanted a bigger… *ahem*

We found all manner of things. You name it, we had it.



No two people dressed alike

Rhinos passing by

Lord Cthulu surrounded by metal rocket ships

We almost got in trouble when we got too close to the guard Mammoth

Look at the RV back there for a size reference.

Jumps of Death?

Teeter Totter of Death


Angler Fish

Giant deranged bunny rabbits

Even rocket ships

We experienced each of these things just wandering around. We didn’t take all of these photos, some I went and found off of flickr of the stuff I remembered and we wanted to share but didn’t have. We should have taken a lot more photos but I didn’t want to be a slave to the camera.

Anyway, these were just some things we observed in our brief excursions out into the daylight hours of Burning Man. Our real time to shine was in the evenings. And in the next portion of my journal I’ll hopefully give you a taste of the night life.

At this point, seeing these things should give you a better understanding of just how bizarre and random this experience is. I was speaking with some friends and Ithink I have the essence of the place distilled down to a conversation:

So you’re sitting there during a night time dust storm huddled over some glowing dinosaur eggs when suddenly the golden gate bridge drives by with 20 people dancing on it, and your friend asks… “So have you been on top of the mega chicken lately?” And no one is high. And its okay and normal.

The night time photos are coming tomorrow along with some accounts of our night time adventures.