Champagne and candy for finishing the painting project

Yum, three of my favorite things all together at once. Champagne, sour gummy candy and frozen yogurt…but Tate and Justice as well so I guess that makes five. No I’m not celebrating Mother’s Day or any other normal holiday instead I am celebrating my own little holiday, my liberation from painting day. That’s right, today I finished putting the 2nd and final coat of Bilgekote in the Vberth which was the very last place I had to paint. Oh today is a good day.

It all started 18 months ago when I began the “painting project“. To date I have painted every. single. cabinet. in the boat (except two measly ones reserved for the wretched) with epoxy paint. I can say without a shadow of a doubt it’s in the top of the improvements I’m happy I made. No longer do the cabinets smell of must, mildew and diesel. They instead smell like…well nothing really. “Voidofsmell” parfum.

Without a doubt as well I had no idea just how much hard work it would entail but isn’t that how it usually goes? All for the better I suppose. But today my friends, it is done.

I have always had a >small< issue with the vberth in that every time I would sleep up there I would awake to a puffy face, clogged sinuses and generally feeling stuffy. I figured it was from all the dust about but never knew the extent. The real renovation of the vberth started last September when I found another leak in the forward port caprail which lead to the removal of the vberth teak slates and revealed a terrible dusty carpet that no doubt went into the air any time boat was crashing about. I also removed the headliner to find disintegrating foam and black colored mold underneath. After seeing all of that, the dusty days of the vberth were limited.

Interestingly enough we never photographed the vberth much. I suppose it was never that photogentic. This was the best I could find when discovering the carpet.
Carpet exposed when redoing the vberth

Under the headliner was this adhesive partially stuck and partially falling off. I really had no idea how to get this down easily and overhead work always really sucks!
Adhesive on the ceiling in the vberth

The anchor locker and two other HUGE storage cabinets under the vberth were in the same condition as all the other cabinets. Flaky and peeling paint that smelled badly and loved to soak up dirt and grime.
anchor locker before
vberth before

Quickly trying to get to my “once everything is done project”, a.k.a. the cockpit teak, I chose this rainy weekend to tackle the entire front of the boat. I even took off my 4 hours from work on Friday to make a full three days of it.

Instead of sanding the adhesive mess off the ceiling I opted to try a Goof Off brand adhesive remover where I sprayed, waited, then took a drill and a rotating wire wheel to help the old adhesive/paint layer off of bare fiberglass.

This wound up being effective but so incredibly messy that I’m not sure I’m recommend it. You see I’m way too lazy to go taping off other rooms and layering up with clothing so paint flakes ended up on a little bit of everything in the vberth, on me and whatever I managed to bump into. After it all dried it wasn’t so bad but it’s a mess so beware.
paint flakes in vberth

After I got the ceiling clear I washed everything with bleach and TSP and rinsed very well with a hose since in the vberth and anchor locker water flows easily into the bilge and not into other areas in the boat. It dried quickly and by Friday evening I had everything scraped, sanded and ready to paint the next morning. Coming home to a Tate cooked meal made everything so much better. I love my husband <3. Saturday around 11am I made it back to the boat for the first (and longest) coat on everything. It's rather tricky when painting in a space this small and connected so I had to play tactician and figure what cabinets to paint first. It all went as planned and so Sunday morning I got to work by washing those old and dusty teak slats in the sun, oiled them and somehow got them done and back in the boat before the rain hit 30 minutes later. I worked fast indeed. Washed teak slats
Oiled teak slats

I couldn’t possible post incomplete pictures of the vberth so I managed to sand the 1st coat with 320, wipe with mineral spirits and while it was drying I re-installed the teak slates from the top down, leaving the bottom few off for the paint. And finally, FINALLY something I have dreamed of since I started 18 months ago, I stroked the last stroke of paint inside our boat. This is it. I have nothing more planned.

The giant storage areas where we will carry sails and other light items under the mattress.
Vberth storage areas

I decided to paint the anchor locker bulkhead as well and I love the bright and refreshed look it gives.
anchor locker finished

And with this I lay my paint brush down.
Vberth area finished!

Besides the boat smelling like a big bowl of epoxy I’m feeling pretty good…Me and my glass of bubbly.