Hello everyone,

I just wanted to dust off our blog and write a short note to say thank you to all of you who’ve sent your condolences. This year has been particularly hard. Losing two grandparents back to back has been a sobering and emotional journey. I’m happy that both of my grandmothers lived long and full lives and left behind wonderful families which Dani and I can be part of. I know I haven’t been really “present” here in the cyberspace, and nor will I be for some little time longer. I need to collect myself. And my life has been busy.

In the next week I’ll be helping my Dad move, then I have the wedding of my best friend to attend to. And after that I’m sure there are some other odds and ends to tie up that haven’t been boat related. For some reason I have this sort of “block” against writing about none boat related life. I wonder who would care to read it and why? But I wanted to stop in and say, don’t worry, Dani and I have many projects to complete before we leave and I’m sure I’ll be able to write once we’re “out there”. I apologize to all the great writers out there that I normally keep up with and correspond with, don’t worry, I still read you, I’ve just been running silent.

The loss of my last grandparent has sort of been an experience for reflection about our departure. Our family has always been matriarchal. The women held the family together. Family gatherings tend to be centered around the matriarch and the family gathers there. On both sides. And now they are all gone. I’ve lost my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother on my Mom’s side and now my grandmother on my Father’s side. I believe we’re all left wondering who or how the bigger extended family will stay tied together.

I’ve often wondered how we’ll stay connected with our family when we leave. How will we stay in touch? Dani and I started this blog as a way to sort of stay in touch and give a status update on what is going on in our lives. Interestingly enough it has turned into a wonderful meeting of the minds. We’ve met so many of you and our comments sections just abound with great advice and interesting people that we never expected to meet, Its been a truly humbling and powerful experience for us. But one thing that remains by and large absent is our family. They rarely comment here and while I believe they check in from time to time, I don’t think that our ramblings about boat motors and rigging parts really inspires them to communicate with us. Go figure right?

I wonder about how we’ll stay in touch. I wonder if we’ll write cards or letters or maybe emails or texts. Who can say? One thing my recently deceased grandmother did for our family was bind us together. And now there is a huge void there. The thought of leaving and being “away” from family has become all the more real. I miss her and the bond that she gave to our loved ones.

I’ll be back to write about our adventures in boat refit soon. Sorry I just need a break. I’ll leave this blog in the capable hands of Dani for a month or two while I reflect.