Its sort of weird to say that TS Lee brought us nice weather, but it did.  I mean sure there was a storm and a ton of  rain and some flooding but yesterday, despite being overcast, was fantastic.  We had weather in the 70s.  Its been 3 months since I’ve felt that nice outside.

Because it did stop raining Dani and I decided to take advantage of the beautifully cool and windy weather and get a few things done at the boat.  On the agenda was bilge pump plumbing.  Last time at the boat I had set the bilge pump guards down in the bottom in some epoxy.   The old ones were done that way.

Unfortunately the red one just wouldn’t stick.  It pulled right up, so I broke down and screwed it down.

Meanwhile I had Dani climbing into all the crazy small spaces that I can’t get to.  Her job was to attach that bilge hose on top of the engine there to the port side thruhull.  It is up there next to the fuel tank and I couldn’t get to it.

After the hose was attached it was pushed under the engine pan and I pulled it out down in the bilge.

Here you can see there are two big white bilge hoses running under the engine pan.  One starboard and one port side.  The port side is for a 3700 gph electric.  The starboard side connects to our cockpit mounted manual bilge pump.  There is also a small 1/2″ – 3/4″ hose running under the motor to to connect to our smaller 500 gph electric pump.

The hoses coming into the bilge.

Here I have connected the two pumps.  The loose hose is the manual pump.

The other night we also went ahead and built a new system of battery hold downs.  I installed U bolts.

And used heavy duty bungee cords.

I actually started to wire the batteries up.  For now, at least until the next phase of the refit, we’re just going to have our 2 12v batteries in parallel as a single bank.  I’ve connected the motor+ but not the negative yet. 

While I was doing all this, Dani (the spider monkey) somehow fit into the lazarette and replaced a bunch of old hose clamps in the exhaust run.  I hadn’t changed these out because I could not fit in there.   Well now that chore is done.   Go Dani!

Look at the nice weather!

The bottom is progressing slowly.  I had to chew the boat yard out the other day because they told me it was ready to roll.  I told the guy not to roll until I signed off on it.  He asked if I could come that day to take a look.  I told him I’d embarrass him if I did.

And for some reason, Dani couldn’t help but slipping this photo in.  King Snuggles.