I like how my wife can make blog posts about what vaccines we’re getting and post a photo of herself smiling with her cute little bandaid on her arm. I, however, cannot.

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When I was younger I got a vaccination that caused a reaction in me that was very bad. The doctors at the time said I had a reaction to the serum and thus the vehicle of the vaccination was dangerous to me. So I just didn’t get any more vaccines. No boosters. Nothing. I was even weary of things like steroid shots they give when you get sick. I wouldn’t let them near me with needles. One time when I went into the doctor when I was about 25 for some illness, the doctor prescribed a steroid shot or something. I told him no thanks but he didn’t listen. Later a nurse walks in with a needle and takes it out. I told her no but she was coming towards me with the “This won’t hurt” speech. I had to shout at her to stop and explain the allergy risk, but you know, it was in that moment I was getting ready to physically have to defend myself from a nurse. Crazy.

But as our deadline for departure approached, it became even more crazy. This whole problem just doesn’t sit well when you’re thinking about sailing off to 3rd world countries where certain diseases such as yellow fever are dangerous.

Enter, the allergist. I started to see an allergist to find out for once and all exactly what I was allergic to in the vaccines and if there was a way to at least get a yellow fever shot before leaving. The allergist ended up determining I had been misdiagnosed and that I was okay to have vaccinations. This involved much sticking of my arms with needles, vaccines, and waiting around to see if I would die. I lived. I have to admit I had a lump in my throat when they first gave me a 1/10th dose of Hep B vaccine.

On the up side, I discovered that giving blood is way more painful than getting shots. It had been so long since I had a shot, I had forgotten what it was like!

So now that I’m all clear to get vaccinations right… Dani sends me off to the doctor with a sheet of paper that looks 3 miles long with instructions for what vaccines I should get. The doctors and nurses looked at it, looked at me, looked at it, stole it from me, huddled. Then they came in with an arsenal of needles and a box of bandaids. The nurse that was going to give me the barrage actually ran out of room for the bandaids she was prestaging by opening them and sticking them to her gloves. This gave her pause and she looked at me and apologized. She didn’t say for what, she just looked at the bandaids sticking off her gloves in all directions making her hands look furry. All in all, I was stabbed at least 8 times. Fun stuff.

Well back to my beautiful wife. She was beaming with her cute little bandaid after getting her shots.

I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been shot in both arms, running a fever, shivering, and looking like death warmed over. To add insult to injury, my skin looks like its been burned by the bandaids, which caused some sort of reaction. Oh well. Some of us can’t be beautiful as we slog through the final stretch. Never the less, I’m truly overjoyed that I’m finally able to have vaccinations again. I should have done this sooner.