Tate and I are flying back to Panama on November 2nd, next Wednesday, only 5 DAYS AWAY. Holy Smokes have we been busy. Once things get settled down in Panama we’ll update the blog more on what it took to get here but for now chew on these sounds bites:

We sold the RV, motorcycle and all extras for pretty much what we paid for it minus a couple thousand. Tate goes into the cost a bit more in our last video, which we have just finished making see below:

Sundowner has been moved from the storage yard to the boat yard already and we are getting them to sand the bottom ($30 a day!). We’ll inspect and buy paint after we arrive.

November 2nd is actually the Day of the Dead and everything will be shut down once we arrive…

Back here on land we been visiting with family and buying all kinds of things including ALL NEW CAMERA/COMPUTER GEAR (thanks PATRONS!) and we plan to start shooting our travel Vlogs in 60 fps.

I have been working on a side video project for my sister Frances and her husband Jason which is a travel vlog series for their trip to Ireland. These are more home movie type productions so please be kind. I was SOO happy to be able to get some of these videos out before we leave because I won’t have the bandwidth down in the tropics. If you want to see Ireland through the eyes of a funny mid 30’s couple check out their videos on my personal You Tube page here in this playlist.

I can’t believe we are about to leave land again. We have a little bit of boat work in the yard before splashing. Stay Tuned!

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