So Christmas is around the corner apparently..about a month after Thanksgiving, which seemed to show up early this year as it is arriving next week!  Tate as wonderful as he is asked me what I would like for Christmas.  I gave it some thought and said Boat Shoes..yeah I could really use some boat shoes.  Typically I just wear my crocs, tennis, or water type mesh shoes on the boat.  I have seen however the trendy Sperry TopSider:

“Boat Shoe”.. I always thought they looked nice and figured they must be good to wear on the boat since they are called a “Boat Shoe”..but after semi-indepth research of Cruiser’s Forum reviews on boat shoes, I realized that yes they might grip..but they are leather(don’t dry well if they get wet), $100 and lots of people say they like their crocs the best.  Our friend Tyler from S/V Roannon also dislikes Sperry’s and just uses White Keds. Do I really want to waste $100 bucks on something that doesn’t work as well as a $20 pair of crocs?  Not really.

Next idea was a stereo for the boat.  Right now we use my ipod, or Tate’s Mp3 with a radio built it hooked up to a pair of crappy speaker ($100) to listen to music.  Don’t get me wrong, I am fine with it, but it isn’t the best.  I was thinking maybe a stereo system to go on the boat would be better.  A couple of speakers..a good antenna..and not a single sports game missed.  We went to the boat on Sunday to sit around and play chess and scrabble and brainstormed on the idea.  Let’s see, to get good speakers they’d need to be about 6″ wide, then we’d need the radio box, then the wire to run it…oh yeah and we’d need to cut holes in the deck or some other hard to get to, catastrophic if we mess it up, place to put the speakers.

Humm, That doesn’t really sound “Simple”.  A word we like to use a lot.   I’m definitely interested in as least maintenance as possible, so running wires and cutting holes for something like a radio just wasn’t tickling my fancy.  Tate had the brilliant idea of getting a boom box type stereo system.  Something we could charge off of our 12V system when we needed to, and we could move it around the boat as we saw fit.  If it broke we could easily replace it.  So another search party was rallied for a mission to find the best “rugged boombox”.  We used many search terms in our quest: waterproof boombox, best boombox for a boat, rugged boombox, best rechargeable boombox, boombox that prints money, etc.

To be honest with you the search grew dim with nothing of interest in sight.  I love the idea of a boombox though, so we’ll have to revisit this idea. Once again we were again faced with the difficult decision on what to spend money on.   Decisions, decisions.  Now remember this was just a present for me..and if Tate gets me a present, I would need to give him present, and since we share money the exchange is more like:

“Yes this is perfect, exactly what (insert name here) would like me to spend their money on”

So after multiple days of brainstorming on what to get for Christmas, a light showed up above Tate’s head. No this wasn’t some apparition from another dimension, it was his idea light.

“Want an Air Head” he asked?  Ding, of course!  That is perfect.  “It can be a present for both of us” I happily added..  Indeed so the idea was born, and Tate has now ordered the “Air Head Composting Toilet” complete with a second liquid container:

It should be here in the next week or two I think.  His goal is to put it in for me by Christmas.  I am so excited.  Can’t wait to have a nice functioning head!  I wonder if Santa uses one up in the North Pole considering he is so far away from the nearest power plant.

Hasta Manana