We are coming out of Hibernation now that the HOT summer months of Louisiana have subsided..and let me tell you it was hot.  We would have loved to go out on the boat more than we did but because it needs so much work to get the basic’s functional (batteries, electrical, engine), we decided after almost passing out from heat, that the fall was a better time to undertake that.

Now the weather is beautiful and cooling down.  Soon we will schedule a haul out for the bottom job, seacock lubrication, engine maintenance, primary electrical wiring and  battery bank setup.  We even bought a little (12kBTU) air conditioner/heat to put on the boat for when we are in the slip and working/sleeping.

It is also time for our Vacation!  Hooray we’ve waited a whole year since our Burning Man Adventure (see related posts on this blog) to take off and do something different.  Our friend Tyler has a Hans Christian 33′ “Roannon” that is very similar in size, rigging, and keel as our Westsail 32′ “Sundowner”.  Both are proven Blue Water Cruisers, are Cutter rigged, heavy in weight, and have a full keel at roughly 5 1/2′.


We have sailed on this boat a few times in lake Ponchatrain when it was kept down in Slidell, La.   Tyler’s job recently temporarily moved him up and “Roannon” to North Carolina around Belhaven, NC.  He called us the other day and said he needed some help moving his boat from Belhaven North to the other side of  East Lake.  And naturally we said “Heck yeah I wanna go Sailing in North Carolina in the Fall”.  Tate’s Uncle also lives in that area so we decided to make a vacation out of it.

I have a gas sipper for a car (Corolla) which I LOVE, and weren’t able to finalize dates until a couple of weeks ago so we decided to drive the 17hrs it’s going to take to get there.  We love roadtrips and it will be nice to see the changing leaves on our drive up.  We plan to spend 4-5 days on the boat, which quite honestly is the longest time we spent continuously on a sailboat.  We are very grateful Tyler likes our company so much that we were invited…must be all the rum we bring..

The last two days were spent running around and packing, preparing to pull out and start driving around 3am Friday Oct 15th 2010.  I needed and found at Eddie Bauer a Rain Shell, wind/water resistant fleece, and a long johns shirt layer. I am excited about this gear and can’t wait to use it!!

Well I wanted to give an update, and certainly we will be posting our progress on Sundowner as it occurs.  Hooray for Fall.  Hooray for vacations!