In a fit of overzealous rage… Or maybe its just that daylight savings time has kicked in… Dani and I decided to start our weeknight boat work.  So we soldiered out into the chilly breezing night to finish the little project that is now underway – that being the lower chainplates.

I unwrapped the plates one by one and applied a generous smattering of 4200 around the square holes before pressing to the hull and then inserting the bolts through the caulk that was squishing out.  This ensures a good seal.  It has the great side effect of getting my wife to curse as she attempts to put the lock washers and nuts on the 4200 smeared carriage bolts while contorted into tight places inside the boat.

Here I ponder Dani’s plight while loading up another chainplate.
Installing lower chainplates

Of course it was all fun and games until it was time for me to go inside and actually tighten those nuts. I used a top, bottom, middle top, middle bottom tightening pattern that I repeated twice. The first time I tightened pretty good then the second round I gave another half turn to be sure but not so much pressure that the fiberglass would be crushed.

Dani then cleaned off the excess caulk and removed the painters tape we had put on the protect the hull. By the time we left it was dark and I couldn’t get a photo to do the shiny new plates justice, but here they are all the same.
lower chainplates installed