Not that kind of crappy.  It was a NEW TOILET DAY.  Our Christmas gift finally arrived after a long and dark affair involving Fedex.

You see, the head was shipped via Fedex which then decided they couldn’t deliver it to us because they didn’t have an apartment number.  (which we don’t have).  I found this out by getting a post card in the mail from Fedex, to our address, telling us they couldn’t deliver it.  Now how in the hell did they figure sending a post card to us at the same address they say doesn’t exist would work?  I have no idea.  But in the end it was up to Dani to save the day and pick it up at the depot.

All is well now.  We have it.  I want to stick a big bow on it.

Even the dogs were excited.

Almost looks like a normal toilet doesn’t it?

Tomorrow is the SEC Championship game.  We’ll have to try to slip in some boat work though.  I want this thing installed by Xmas.