We meet up with “New Girl on the Dock” who we know through our blog and Facebook. Dani goes hiking in Kalispell with a group of gals. Tate and Mark step a sailboat mast before splashing SV Firefly in one of the lakes of Montana. We also go for a pleasure sail and of course we eat lots of great food.

The boat we splashed was brought up from FL after the trip from HELL. On an attempted passage from FL to New Orleans the boat was run aground on an unmarked submerged bridge suffering keel and rudder damage. So instead of sailing to New Orleans, New Girl on the Dock had to drive from FL to NOLA, pick up their truck, drive back to FL and put the boat on it, but that was only the start of the troubles.

The trailer didn’t fit, had to be sawed down. The boat was in a weird spot on the trailer and had to be come-alonged forward. The drive couldn’t exceed 45mph from FL to Montana. The trailer blew 7 tires and had 5 broken rims! And to top it all off the power steering went bad on the truck. These are some tough tough people to get that boat home. We had a great time with them.

Hope you enjoy.

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