Isn’t it interesting how fate works?

Lately its been a running joke between Dani and myself that the weather Gods are against us. Every week, it seems that M-F is beautiful and clear with no wind and moderate temperature. But late on Friday the clouds gather and the sky darkens. The temperatures fall considerably in preparation for the storm that will hit on Saturday and Sunday. It always seems to be misty, stormy or windy on the weekends. Today was no exception. On the boat the wind was such that we could feel the entire boat vibrating against the stands.

This of course prevented me from carrying on with my plan of installing the boomkin which must be carefully positioned before drilling and mounting can take place, but luckily, it didn’t stop me from another little preliminary project that has been a long time coming.

You see this bar…
Tate removing the boom gallows bar

Its always been a pain. There it sits across the boom gallows preventing me from leaning back, getting to the windvane, doing anything on the back of the boat. I’ve long hated it. Loathed it. And generally wished it gone. And now its time had come. Initially I figured it was put in place for safety reasons, or maybe even to put that wooden block in place that holds up the outboard motor mount.

Well today I removed it! Finally.

Unfortunately, upon removal we discovered another reason it was there. The boom gallow mounts were really really wobbly. So much so that we stopped and spent all windy day trying to resolve the issue! The port side was thru bolted with only nuts and no backing plates. The starboard side had screws tapped through the fiberglass.

The port side with only nuts on the back.
Boom gallows bolts underneath the caprail

My first attempt involved making up a backing plate but that wouldn’t fit, so in the end we just put several fender washers in place. The starboard side, we tightened down the screws through the tapped holes. On both sides we added caulk where there was none before. And the final result is that the boom gallows frame is much more stable even without that silly cross bar. The down side was that it took us all day for this seemingly simple job.

Lets all pray to the weather Gods that tomorrow is gentle enough to install that boomkin!