#20 Bitter Bitterroots ~ Coast to Coast

Tate and I finally leave Montana and spend 4 days in Idaho and numerous days at Truck stops along the way. In the end we make it to Washington State (the Pacific Northwest!) and start the next leg of our adventure.

***Some exciting news at the end of the video…Tate and I miss Sundowner (who wouldn’t?) and the plan as of now is to sell everything in October and head back to the boat. We have about a month of work in Panamarina where we’ll pull the bow sprit bolts, get the bottom painted and replace all 4 batteries. This will be our last boatyard before crossing the Pacific. After that work is complete we are hoping for another spearfishing season in the San Blas Islands!! Around February of 2017 we’ll be looking to cross through the canal and prepare for the Pacific crossing into French Polynesia.

The plan is to keep making the videos, starting with our preparation for flying back to Panama and getting the boat back livable again. Filming, editing and producing the videos in the locations outside of the US that we travel is going to be so much harder though but we want to give it a try. It’s hot and humid pretty much all of the time (resource intensive video editing software doesn’t work well in the heat), there is often salt around which is rough on electronics and lastly the biggest issue will be internet uploads.

We’ll likely produce shorter videos, maybe 5-10 mins once a week. We are excited about sharing our lives for leg two of the sailing trip through video instead of solely the blog. We know the blog has been somewhat neglected since the RV trip but we are trying to work out a way to still make the videos but also keep up with more quality blog posts like we used to write. Stay tuned to see how it all unfolds!

Anyways that’s the scoop:)

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#19 Sailing Montana ~ Coast to Coast

We meet up with “New Girl on the Dock” who we know through our blog and Facebook. Dani goes hiking in Kalispell with a group of gals. Tate and Mark step a sailboat mast before splashing SV Firefly in one of the lakes of Montana. We also go for a pleasure sail and of course we eat lots of great food.

The boat we splashed was brought up from FL after the trip from HELL. On an attempted passage from FL to New Orleans the boat was run aground on an unmarked submerged bridge suffering keel and rudder damage. So instead of sailing to New Orleans, New Girl on the Dock had to drive from FL to NOLA, pick up their truck, drive back to FL and put the boat on it, but that was only the start of the troubles.

The trailer didn’t fit, had to be sawed down. The boat was in a weird spot on the trailer and had to be come-alonged forward. The drive couldn’t exceed 45mph from FL to Montana. The trailer blew 7 tires and had 5 broken rims! And to top it all off the power steering went bad on the truck. These are some tough tough people to get that boat home. We had a great time with them.

Hope you enjoy.

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#18 Glacier National Park ~ Coast to Coast

We spend a week in the Flathead National forest so close to Glacier NP that we can actually see it! We also meet with some good friends and take a couple of trips into Glacier park itself to check out the scenery and wildlife.

Our adventures seemed truncated because Going to the Sun Road is still buried under 80 ft of snow, but fear not, we found other avenues into the park and other peaks to ascend. We climbed up Huckleberry Mt looking for huckleberries and possibly for trouble, since we forgot our bear spray.

We explore MacDonald Lodge which is a historic landmark. And of course we enjoy the beautiful Flathead Forest.

(Apologies for the blurry footage at first…we have had a HELL of a time exporting this video and are thankful at least to have this edit! We’ll get better in the future)

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#17 Montana the Beautiful ~ Coast to Coast

We finally head for Montana after a MONTH in South Dakota. WAY longer than we expected to stay. The landscape driving in way absolutely beautiful and we took the scenic route (Patron’s voted!) and we are glad we did. We stayed at a few free campsites along the way, a rest stop and a Walmart before spending a week at a cabin in the woods of one of our blog followers. We hiked to a waterfall, rafted on a river and witnessed some beautiful mountain Vistas.

We are currently camped right outside of Glacier on a river in another National Forest and are gearing up to explore Glacier and the surrounding area. The temps are predicted to get into the 90’s!!

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