#13 Life on the Road ~ Coast to Coast

Tate and I leave the hills of Kentucky and head towards Wisconsin. We stop in Indiana at a place we found on Boondocker’s Welcome for a bit to rest and explore the town of Lafayette. Also lots of road life.

Check out the new Vlog for an in depth look.

As we continue to travel we are getting into more and more remote places where internet is spotty and hard to get. We’ll reply to comments as possible. Thanks you guys!!

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#12 Lucky Number Seven ~ Coast to Coast

In episode 12, Dani and I escape from the mountains of North Carolina and make our way north west. Our plan continues to be no real plan at all, but instead an idea that we’ll make it to the Pacific north west area one day. To facilitate this lack of sharp planning we haphazardly blunder along looking for places to stay. A tool to facilitate this lifestyle choice that we found is Boondockers Welcome.

We stopped a Flying J to empty our tanks and refresh our propane before blundering into Kentucky. Kentucky turned out to be an unexpected gem in our journey thus far. We had no expectations of the place but thought of it more as a “stop”, but our host on boondockers welcome had a fantastic site where we were allowed to stay for a while.

It was situated in the rolling hills and completely surrounded by white fences and horses. The scenery was beautiful and the warmer temperatures welcoming. We discovered the wines of Kentucky and we were also in luck with the horses. Keeneland had just opened and so we made our way to a horse race and gambled some of our precious cruising kitty on a horse chosen by number instead of any solid betting strategy.

While in Kentucky, I also took the opportunity to visit some of the US distilleries of Bourbon. One of my favorite beverages of all time. The distilleries are beautiful and interesting as well as historic.

Overall, Kentucky was picturesque, full of nice people, filled with things to do, and delicious food and beverages. Check it all out in our latest video.

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#11 Devil’s Whip ~ Coast to Coast

Tate and I explore the Blue Ridge Parkway and WOW what an area it was. Our campsite was just a hop skip and a jump away from the Parkway and we went on many motorcycle rides up and down the notorious Devil’s Whip with Tate’s Uncle David (who drove 2 hours to ride with us) up to the top of Mount Mitchell with has the highest peak (6,682) East of the Mississippi.

We could never seem to get warm in those mountains and for a few days it actually snowed! A another camper (a hunter) who had been coming to the area for years joined us and told us tales of bears, turkeys and deer. We hiked through the mountains and down to a waterfall before packing it up and heading to Kentucky.

We spent a total of 12 days on the Parkway for free with no hookups.

Check out all the details in our next video below.

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#10 No Brakes ~ Coast to Coast

Or maybe more accurately, too much in the way of brakes…

Dani and I headed away from Uncle David’s house and made for a quiet little campsite near Colletsville NC which bills itself as the “middle of no where in the center of the universe”. On one of the winding little roads I noticed the RV pulling hard to the passenger side and had that sinking feeling that the brakes had stuck and were dragging. Luckily we were able to pull off the road pretty quickly.

The rim was smoking hot and so we began a long process of repair. We had to have the RV towed to a nearby shop in Boone NC up a mountainside. It was beautiful but nerve wracking to watch your 16000lb vehicle being driven up the side of a mountain.

The shop in Boone NC (Bill’s garage) turned out to be great. They replaced both front brake lines and the caliper on the passenger side. Unfortunately we discovered an ominous harmonic noise after we confirmed the brakes worked again. This turned out to be a warped wheel bearing that probably went bad due to heat expansion when the wheel cooked.

Now its all well and good and the shop did a great job, but… We’d had to spend Easter weekend on the side of the road and the next couple of nights in a garage yard. Blah.

Finally though, we’re ready to get back to camping. So with new brake lines we pushed right back onto the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed on down the road in search of our next campsite, which turned out to be closed due to a Hemlock kill. The forestry guys told us of a nearby spot though. They were sort of shocked we’d driven a class A RV miles down gravel roads. I guess they gave us a lot of credit because the spot they suggested was down a road that really was scary in a big vehicle.

Victor’s Field Road is gravel, narrow, cut into the side of a mountain, has no rails, and is one and only one lane. Whew! The campsite is worth it though.

Check it all out in our new video.

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